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.   You must follow the directions of Club Officials at all times while in the property. 


.   Macarthur Club reserves the right to suspend or cancel the membership of any club member.


.   Riders must ride on correct track for their bikes. 


.   Members must produce their Club membership card when asked by a Club official.


.   Safety is your responsibility.


.   Unsafe, irresponsible or offensive behavior will result in immediate exclusion from the complex. Abusive language and/or abusive conduct towards Club Officials will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension of membership


.   Doubling on bikes is prohibited.


.   Vehicle and bike speed on road is 10kph maximum.


.   Car parks and competitor parking areas are used by riders and spectators which include families with children,

    bike speed must not exceed walking pace


.   Always ride safely and within your capabilities


.   Be aware that riders of all ages and capabilities are sharing the track


.   Young riders to be supervised by parent or guardian.


.   Do not cut across tracks or ride on grass infield.


.   Always ride in the correct direction


.   The following clothing must be worn when riding: -

    Helmet, goggles, long trousers, gloves, long sleeve shirt, boots


.   Riders must ensure their motorcycles are in a safe condition


.   Bikes must not ridden with broken or damaged exhaust system on competition days the rule set out in the Motorcycling Australia Manual of Motorcycle Sport will apply. 

- No "wheelies" or wheel spinning in the car park at all times.

- Persons under the age of 16 must not enter track areas unless they are riding.

- Riders must only enter and exit the track areas from designated entry/exit points.

- Riders must not stop in track areas, all resting/stopping must be done in carpark areas.

- The use of drones is prohibited within the complex

- The use of Pushbikes is prohibited within the complex

- All animals are prohibited at the complex (excluding guide or service dogs)

- The consumption of Alcohol is prohibited within the complex


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